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from u.s. and british ships and submarines struck more than 20 intergreated air defense systems and other air defense facilities ashore. >> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. today, after a painful but ultimately successful week long effort to enlist international support in an operation named odyssey dawn the united states military led the air and naval forces of two of our closest allies, france and britain in launching a massive attack which we are told has already severely disabled the air defenses of the dictator who refuses to stop his vicious assault on his own people. hi, everybody. i'm geraldo rivera. welcome to our two hour special report on the day the libyan civil war became our fight. the offensive to protect libya's people from their own government and ultimately take down the madman who has plagued us for more than four decades began saturday when french jets soared over qaddafi's forces besieging the rebel held city of benghazi, reportedly taking out four of qaddafi's tanks. the initial french action was soon dwarfed by a huge salvo of cruz missiles. 11 114 fired
members of the arab league. doug mcelway, thank you very much. president obama said u.s. forces willing not be on the ground in liba. sit going to be possible to complete this mission without sending them in? former pentagon official kt mcfarland joins us on the telephone with that. repeatedly they said troops will not be involved and american troops haven't been involved in aircraft. it's only been tomorrowa hawks right? >> right. we've not at this point seen american aircraft flying over liba. now there is a thought there would be a black hawk down incident is for most. the u.s. aircraft will not fly over libya if they do at all until air defenses have been taken out. that is what this bombing has been. there is a question of can we have a clean neat strike? nobody, no boots on the ground zront to get hands dirty. someone has got to go in on the ground. muammar gaddafi is probably not going to give up at all. he knows he doesn't get to retire in florida. he knows he'll go to the international courts and have to face military charges that he has committed crimes against humanity. so he
in the u.s. earlier an aunt of the infant said a u.s. hospital agreed to care for joseph. joseph's parents have been battling with the canadian hospital caring for the 14 month old. doctors say the disease is fatal and they decided to go ahead and remove his breathing tube although his parents believe that removeing that tube would cause him to choke and die violent li. fox news just learned that the terminally ill infant known as baycy joseph just arrived here in the u.s. we will keep you informed of any new developments with that story as they become available. we did learn that his parents have brought him here to seek medical care because they weren't getting the care that they thought he should receive in canada. if you want to know more about the story log on to fox news .com to find out the very latest on this fox news exclusive. now, back to "geraldo at large" already in progress. anks to the venture card from capital o, we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned a trip to new orlns twice as fast! bebebebebebaaa! we get double miles every time we e our card, no matter what
with 22 leaders to discuss the diplomatic angle of this and president obama in brazil said u.s. will provide lime -- limited mission to disable air systems. the president says the u.s. will act to support military action by a quote, broad coalition of countries. he says the u.s. will not be deploying ground troops to libya. the president says the us cuss not stand, quote, idley by has gaddafi tacks his own people. >> do you agree with casey mcfarland is that that it's all or nothing now? >> it's interpreting resolution 1973 if the mission is to stop gaddafi from taking benghazi it's been done fu. bu if the mission is about a regime change, let's talk about regime change, means we'll control the air and hit forces on the ground. and we'll rely on the opposition forces, those forces today in benghazi. the question, can they march? under our air support to tripoli to bring down gaud? the second question, what is gaddafi's plan? >> geraldo: no. they knlt. it's one thing to have kids with ak 47s shooting and celebrating and another thing to take on the two we know he has two tough,
, here is jen. >> u.s. he dense -- defense officials reiterated their war planes are not targeting muammar gaddafi and would not in the near future. >> at this point i can guarantee he's not on a targeting list. >> a seenus u.s. offense official didn't rule out he may have been involved in a strike on tripoli. officials say they're anxious to put a face on this mission as soon as possible. officials planning to hand over control in days not weeks. and some arab nations are coming with caveat was how those planes could be used. suggesting with a country the size of alaska it would make a bit more time. weapons could still be heard in the capitol. forces have fired more than 124 tomahawks from the uss barry, us uss stout and one british submarine. initial photos showed a need for more tomahawk strikes. official dz not rule out the alleged strike on the compound in the capitol was carried out by british or french missiles. geraldo? >> jen, thank you very much. let's go to the cool customer whose unphased reporting in crisis from the libyan capitol is keeping us informed. and steve, se
heard the united nations strongly condemned u.s. forces in afghanistan after that accidental tragedy involveling an air strike that killed nine afghan youngsters. are you i mean obviously we are all heartbroken over the civilian gets but don't you find it ironic and bitter the united nations are so quick to condemn our side when there are civilian casualties and you scarcely ever hear them condemning the taliban. >> 15 innocent men and women were killed 18 wounded in two i eastbounding d events town in patika. we do not target women and children. the taliban do and 90 percent of the civilian casualties are caused by insurgents. we don't do a good job across the board getting that message out. >> do you share my absolute outrage at the rolling stone writer michael hastings taking on our friend general caldwell and saying that he tried to in some way use voo doo or psych ops on visiting dignitaries in the united states to get them to support u.s. policy? it was a story in rolling stones i found outrageous a stretch really fictional in so many ways yet the mainstream media boarded lock
. we appreciate it. thank you very much for being with us. was the president right not to commit u.s. ground forces to libya? let's ask the once and future presidential candidate and best selling author, governor mike huckabee, our colleague. rejoins us. >> great to see you. >> geraldo: forcion yoing you o the race whether you want to go or not. >> sure seems like this. >> geraldo: the poll has you leading all republican contenders. you 19, palin 12, newt at 10. congratulations on that whether or not you do finally go for it. was the president right not to commit u.s. ground forces? >> i don't think we need to have ground forces in libya. that is not what eeoc even our goal was.stated the problem is what is our goal. he says we are not going to take qaddafi out. there is a mixed message there. there is some moving part is here, geraldo, this is not easy to say you are for or against. there is a lot of nuances within saying you are for or against. i think both conservatives and liberals are having a hard time. >> geraldo: they are. i see people all over the map. part of the mixed mess
, also the u.s. navy and other countries getting involved h heavily today, geraldo. >> geraldo: greg palkot, you stand by. let me bring in our guests. and in washington, nuclear expert paul gunter. paul, japan's top government spokesman just announced that radiation at the nuclear plant briefly rose above legal limits. what are the health consequences to the people in that region? >> well, there is an immediate concern for the health consequences to children certainly. as welling a pregnant women. these are the top priorities that must be protected. we are hoping that these people are prioritized in the evacuation. clearly this is just the precursor so what we are fearing is a much more serious accident with more far-reaching consequences. >> geraldo: what is a nuclear melt down? what is a meltdown? >> what it is it when the uranium core in a nuclear power plant gets super hot it melts the fuel, the steel, this all becomes a super hot puddle and falls to the bottom of the reactor and then can actually melt through the bottom of the reactor vessel and burn through the concrete matt an
the size of alaska it would take more time. coalition forces fired more than 124 tomahawks the u.s. nave redestroyer uss scout three submarines and bun in the mediterranean. they have the need for more tomahawk strikes. sushgs officials did not rule out the strike on qaddafi's compound was carried out by british or french missiles. >> now go to the cool customer whose unfazed reporting in crisis from the libyan capital is keeping us all informed. steve harrigan is in trip pol tripoli. who did it this missile strike when does it happen how bad is the damage and when was the last time anybody lays eyes on muammar qaddafi? >> i think you need to add one more question to that. that is, did it really happen. they are government officials who have taken the press on a junket to show them the damage to make a point there is an attempt to assassinate their leader colonel qaddafi. there's a question about whether this attack happened within hours as they say. a first-hand look at the scene raises questions about that. a lot of anti-aircraft fire tonight. this under scores what you are getting at.
to ask about that chief editor and u.s. news world report real estate publishing tycoon mortgage zuckerman joins me. tokyo -- japan central bank injected a record 7 trillion yen that is 85.5 billion u.s. dollars they opened in japan. the stock market nose-dived. it was well over 500 points down. now it's 487 points down. so what do you think? is this going to be contagious? >> it is it is a body blow to t economy one of the largest exporters and importers in the world. it is bounds to have an effect on our ability to export to them. it is bound to be an effect on the global economy. it will create more issues at home. i think the nuclear industry is going to come to a screeching halt until we see what precautionary measures we can take against this kind of concern. the whole story in japan is not over we don't know how bad it will be. if you have a meltdown of a secondary actor you can have serious problems with radioactive gas floating down at 50 miles from tokyo. you can have an absolute breakdown of that city. that would have repercussions all over the world. it is a big finan
the american man hurded while jet skiing on a lake that straddles the u.s. mexican border. his widow tiffany joins me from denver, colorado. tiffany, how are you doing? >> i'm doing okay, today. it is a day-by-day process. some days you have good days, some days i have really bad days. >> geraldo: i understand you have a tremendous amount of frustration over the fact that david's crime is still unsolved. although they have persons of interest. and they haven't found his body yet. can you describe what that's like for you? >> it is really frustrating. because we still don't have david back. ultimately, from the very beginning that's all we wanted. all we wanted was david back. we knew the possibility of us finding who did this was very slim. they do say they have a couple more suspects that they've identified. i don't know all the details on that. other than they have kind of identified them. >> geraldo: how are the -- don't you have children you and david? >> no. >> geraldo: how long were you married? >> eight years and together 12. >> geraldo: is -- about the body not being found, are you c
and their debt is only a fraction of ours. will we see stuff like that here in the u.s.a.? >> and vice president biden's team doing damage control after sticking a reporter in a
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)